play final fantasy vii on mac

How to play Final Fantasy VII on Mac

Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix is a Japanese role-playing game originally released in 1997. It quickly became widely popular and received very high acclaim from the critics – so much that it’s been declared one of the “greatest video games of all time”.
Gameplay-wise, Final Fantasy VII is very similar to other games in the series. The characters still traverse the world map, enter cities and other locations of interest, and fight turn-based battles. Though that’s not to say there were no innovations. Final Fantasy VII was the first FF game to use 3D graphics when players were exploring locations (“field mode”), new minigames were added, and combat was enhanced with several new mechanics like Limit Breaks.
When it comes to the story, it is clear that the game tries to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, Final Fantasy VI. Though not as dark and mature as VI, VII’s plot is still heavier than those of the first five games. A corporation is trying to use life force itself as a way to generate energy. The game’s protagonist, Cloud Strife, is trying to stop them – resorting to questionable means in the process.
Originally released on PlayStation, the game was later ported to a variety of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It also received a remake in 2020, which released on PS4, PS5, and Windows. However, the game never got a Mac release. Despite this, it is still possible to play Final Fantasy VII on Mac – discover how it’s possible by reading the guide below.

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