how to play friends vs friends on mac

How to play Friends vs Friends on Mac

Friends vs Friends is a multiplayer PvP game developed by Brainwash Gang and published by Raw Fury. In a unique twist, combat in this game involves both first-person shooting and deckbuilding. FPS mechanics are the primary way of dealing damage, while cards are, essentially, a way to use special abilities. By using abilities that play well with each other, you can give yourself a substantial power boost; your choice of cards can absolutely make or break the game. This game can be played in 1v1 and 2v2 modes; there’s no plans to add support for larger teams because the game is meant to be all about small groups of friends playing together. It is also worth noting that the gameplay in Friends vs Friends is very fast-paced and hectic, so having just two characters per team is more than enough. Like many other small titles, this game is a Windows exclusive. Don’t despair, though; we’ve compiled a list of ways to play Friends vs Friends on Mac even though it’s not officially supported. You will find this list down below.

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