how to play meet your maker on mac

How to play Meet Your Maker on Mac

Meet Your Maker is a multiplayer game that combines building with combat. Builders create defensive structures called Outposts; essentially, dungeons guarding treasure. Raiders, meanwhile, try to invade these Outposts and steal their precious resources. Thanks to this asynchronous PvP model, all content in this game is player-created. Of course, you’re not forced to choose between these modes – that’d be boring. Every player in this game is both a builder and a raider. Obviously, some might prefer one mode over the other, but “builder” and “raider” are not classes; they are merely roles each player can assume. Meet Your Maker provides builders with plenty of defensive options. You can build any structure you want, outfit your dungeons with traps, place turrets, patrolling guards, and so on. But there’s one thing you must know. You gain resources from raiders who die to your contraptions, but you will not lose anything in case they succeed. Thus, it is better to make your Outposts challenging, but not impossible. You want your Outpost to attract raiders; they’re not a real threat to defend against. Meet Your Maker is available on the current of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as on the previous one. Windows PC is also supported, but MacOS is not. Our guide will explain how to bypass this issue and play Meet Your Maker on Mac anyway.

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