how to play metal: hellsinger on mac

How to play Metal: Hellsinger on Mac

Metal: Hellsinger, a game developed by The Outsiders and published by Funcom is a rhythm FPS similar to BPM: Bullets Per Minute. That said, although the two games share the same gameplay idea – shots made to the rhythm of music are stronger and thus more efficient – there are several differences as well. One could say that Metal: Hellsinger refines the ideas pioneered by BPM, puts them into a more polished package. Many players struggle to follow the rhythm of the music on top of regular FPS gameplay, and so, the game does its best to ease the strain. Features like (subtle) autoaim, visual cues, and generally forgiving difficulty genuinely make the experience less overwhelming for a newcomer to this niche genre. Those yearning for a challenge, of course, can simply select a higher difficulty level.
But quality-of-life features is not the only way in which Metal: Hellsinger demonstrates its polish. The game, in stark comparison with BPM’s procedurally generated levels, features an intense storyline about a vengeful part-demon and eight carefully crafted levels. And while it does limit replayability somewhat, the first-time experience is much better.
The game can be played on Windows, PS5, and XBox Series X/S, but lacks official Mac support. Not to worry, though; it is still possible to play Metal: Hellsinger on Mac. Simply follow the guide below.

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