how to play misty continent on pc or mac

How to play Misty Continent on PC or Mac

Misty Continent, also known as Misty Continent: Cursed Island, is a mobile base-building game developed by FunPlus International. The goal of the game is to explore the eponymous cursed island; although it is inhabited by monsters and even supernatural creatures like ghosts, riches beyond measure await the brave explorer. Filled to the brim with treasures, the island remains an attractive target for all kinds of fortune seekers despite its hostility. You are not the only one of them; pirates, too, have taken a liking to this area. Often, you will have no choice but to confront these brutal criminals.
The island’s full potential cannot be explored through expeditions alone, however. Many of its resources require permanent presence to properly exploit. For this reason, you must establish a stronghold on the island; this will allow you to mine its otherworldly ores, explore deep within the island, and craft magical gear with unique properties.
Although Misty Continent is a mobile game, available exclusively on iOS and Android, it is possible to play Misty Continent on PC too (and on Mac as well). The guide below will outline the details.

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