how to play my time at sandrock on mac

How to play My Time at Sandrock on Mac

My Time at Sandrock is a farming & life simulator developed by Pathea Games as a sequel to their popular game My Time at Portia. You have accepted a job from the struggling town of Sandrock, who are betting that your intervention will save them from the collapse of their economy. Now, you must modernize the city’s decrepit workshop, transforming it into a factory capable of producing materials, buildings, and consumer goods. And although Sandrock is located in a dusty, inhospitable prairie, the money earned from exports can be used to create more farmable land. You know what to do with farmable land, don’t you? Of course, there’s more to this game than just planting crops and putting down machines. Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization in search for still-functional artifacts. Venture far into the desert to find rare materials. Spend time with Sandrock’s residents, listen to the stories that they have to tell, and complete the quests that they have for you. My Time at Sandrock is still in Early Access, although it already contains more than 40 hours worth of content. The real issue is that, for the time being, the game is available only on Windows PC. But there are several unofficial ways to play My Time at Sandrock on Mac despite the lack of developer support. Learn about them in the article below.

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