play nfs no limits on pc or mac

How to play Need for Speed: No Limits on PC or Mac

Need for Speed: No Limits is a mobile free-to-play racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios. Keeping in line with the rest of the series, the game is mainly focused on street racing. The player’s goal, unsurprisingly, is to win the race, however, this is complicated by the need to avoid street traffic as well as the police. The races are generally fairly short to accomodate the mobile players who do not always have time for a long play session, but, despite that, they are varied and challenging – using ramps to get in the air, scratching against walls in tight places, and getting to insane speeds using Nitro Mode is all but required to win.
The player has access to a wide range of cars from high-end sports cars manufacturers, such as McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many others, though many of them will have to be unlocked through participation in races or special events. Most of these cars can also be visually customized – indeed, NFS No Limits shines in the area vehicle customization. All sorts of things can be customized – the player can install body kits and widebody kits, change the vehicle’s appearance with paint jobs and wraps, as well as replace wheels. Upgrades that affect actual in-game performance of the car are also offered.
With beautiful visuals and engaging, fast-paced, and challenging gameplay, there are plenty of reasons to check Need for Speed: No Limits out. Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS and Android smartphones. That shouldn’t stop you, however, as we’ve compiled a list of ways to play NFS No Limits on PC or Mac computers – read them below.

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