how to play night of the consumers on mac

How to play Night of the Consumers on Mac

Night of the Consumers is a horror game about working a retail job. You will be required to keep the store clean and restock the shelves, as well as respond to customer requests. Now, that doesn’t sound all that bad or scary, does it? And yet, the job will quickly turn nightmarish due to unreasonable expectations – just like it often does in real life. As soon as the store opens, you will find yourself swarmed with rude, entitled Consumers who will annoy you, give you no time to fulfill their requests, and constantly demand to see the manager. Be very careful when they choose to do so; your manager is not entirely human, and he thirsts for your blood. The novel choice of a setting allows this game to be stressful in a realistic way, which is an interesting departure from typical horror game tropes. Night of the Consumers is officially available only on Windows PC, but there are some workarounds that can be used to play it on Mac. Learn more by reading the article below.

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