how to play persona 5 tactica on mac

How to play Persona 5 Tactica on Mac

Persona 5 Tactica is a roleplaying game developed by ATLUS, who need no introduction. The Phantom Thieves are about to embark on a mission once again; this time, they will join a group of freedom fighters and help liberate an entire dimension from the rule of its tyrannical overlord. As the title suggests, the primary appeal of this game is its tactical combat system. Unlike in other Persona games, the battles here take place on a square grid map, where position and cover are very important. Despite this, many elements of the original combat system have been unchanged; there’s still a heavy focus on combo attacks and character customization. Each mission in the game is fairly short, around ten minutes or so. But don’t think this makes the game easier. You’ll be required to carefully plan your every move, to coordinate actions of multiple characters, and to take advantage of their unique skills. To play Persona 5 Tactica on Mac, you will need an unofficial tool. Read the guide below to learn about several easy options.

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