how to play phantom brigade on mac

How to play Phantom Brigade on Mac

Phantom Brigade is a tactical RPG developed and published by Brace Yourself Games. Using the ability to predict the future and powerful mecha suits, you will lead an outnumbered group of freedom fighters on a mission to liberate their country. With few resources available to you, you will have no other choice but to use captured equipment. Ambush convoys, invade outposts, and destroy what you cannot steal. Acquire powerful weapons of your enemy – railguns, beam weapons, and even energy swords – and wield them yourself to level the playing field. The combat in this game combines real-time and turn-based systems, creating a unique and enjoyable blend. You will be able to see what your enemies are planning to do, and when they intend to do it. With fine control over the timing of your squad’s actions, you will be able to counter your enemies’ attacks. Then, synchronize the movements of your units and execute the perfect offensive. Phantom Brigade is officially available only on Windows computers. There are several unofficial ways to get around this issue, however. Learn how to play Phantom Brigade on Mac by reading our helpful guide.

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