how to play planet zoo on mac

How to play Planet Zoo on Mac

Planet Zoo is a management simulator game developed by Frontier Developments. Just as the name suggests, in this game you’ll be managing a zoo. It will not span an entire planet, but don’t think this will limit your creativity; you have vast stretches of land at your disposal. Sticking animals in tiny cages makes them depressed and unhappy, which in turn results in unhappy visitors and an unprofitable zoo. To keep animals active, you’ll have to provide them with a stimulating environment; something that resembles their natural habitat, generally speaking. There are many different animals in the game, each with unique needs. Some are harmless and easy to take care of, perfect for beginner zoos. But some are much more challenging, requiring large habitats and a specific landscape. Of course, you don’t need to cater to all needs of your animals, either; it is more of a late-game challenge. Planet Zoo is available only on Microsoft Windows. The lack of console ports is understandable; these games are meant to be played with a keyboard and a mouse, not game controllers. But what if you want to play Planet Zoo on Mac? There are several unofficial tools that can make this happen. Learn more in the article below.

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