how to play session skate sim on mac

How to play Session: Skate Sim on Mac

Session: Skate Sim, just as the name suggests, is a skateboarding simulator game developed by Crea-ture Studios and published by Nacon. Unlike many games about this topic, it aims to accurately recreate the skating experience; you will have to independently control both feet of your character. As you might imagine, this makes the game pretty hard, but also satisfying to master. The game features multiple maps based on iconic skating locations in the United States; there are also many unofficial maps developed by the community. Players who prefer to have a sense of direction while gaming will be pleased to learn that Session: Skate Sim is not just a sandbox. Though you are free to do whatever you please, you can also complete story missions and daily challenges; doing so will reward you with money, which can be spent on character customization. This game can be played on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC, but there is no official Mac version. But this doesn’t mean that you should give up; several unofficial tools can be used to play Session: Skate Sim on Mac. The guide below will explain more.

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