how to play shadows of doubt on mac

How to play Shadows of Doubt on Mac

Shadows of Doubt is an innovative detective game done in a pixelated art style. Developed by ColePowered Games, it aims to be the first investigation-based sandbox. And although it is still in Early Access, it has already mostly succeeded at this goal. But how is this possible? One of the main limitations of detective games is that they need to be hand-crafted; they require the developer to come up with a mystery for the player to uncover. To solve this issue, Shadow of Doubt generates an entire city, with stores, apartments, interactive objects, and so on. It is then populated with AI-controlled people; most of them are simply going about their daily business, but some are serial killers. To perform murder, the killer AI needs to actually do it: to get near their victim, to use some kind of object capable of killing, and to get away. Since they exist in a larger simulated world, they will inevitably leave at least some clues. Thus, an endless series of murder mysteries can be procedurally generated. Currently, the developers support only one version of this game, the version for Microsoft Windows. But you can also play Shadows of Doubt on Mac – even though it doesn’t have an offical Mac version. Learn how to do it by reading the article below.

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