how to play splitgate on mac

How to play Splitgate on Mac

Splitgate is a F2P first-person multiplayer shooter developed by 1047 Games. Although in some ways it plays just like your regular shooter, the game has a unique twist that has quite a significant impact on gameplay and tactics. Portals.
Each player in Splitgate is capable of placing portals at will, granting them exceptional levels of mobility. Physical distance becomes quite meaningless in these conditions, though line of sight continues to play an important role. That said, portals aren’t a magical win button, especially when your opponent has the ability as well. Teleporting to the enemy base wouldn’t grant you a huge advantage, you will simply get shot a second later. Perhaps you have the bright idea of teleporting behind the enemy? They’ll quickly catch on, too.
The best gameplay strategy in Splitgate is to be fast. Launch yourself into the air and try to land a few shots as you are propelled by the force of momentum. Teleport around constantly to confuse your enemy and make them lose track of you. Your opponents will be doing the same thing, which gives the game an enjoyably hectic feel.
It can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and even SteamOS. OS X, however, is not supported. Our guide will teach you some ways to bypass this and play Splitgate on Mac anyway.

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