how to play stoneshard on mac

How to play Stoneshard on Mac

Stoneshard is a turn-based roleplaying game in the fantasy genre. Developed by Ink Stains Games, this game is highly unforgiving; even the tiniest mistake can lead to your death. Those willing to take on the challenge will find themselves in a war-torn world filled with ruins, monsters, and bandits. Vile cults dwell in the shadows, and corpses have begun to rise from their graves. For a sufficiently enterprising character, such turmoil also represents an opportunity; there’s plenty of contracts to fulfill and treasures to find. But the brutal nature of the game means that you will have to be careful, to always be prepared, and to consider every move your character makes. Planning and strategy is the key to victory; fighting mindlessly will result in a swift death. Thankfully, you do have the ability to save your game – but only in a few select spots. Stoneshard is currently available on Windows, SteamOS, and Linux operating systems; since the game is still in Early Access, this list may expand in the future. But for now, you will have to use an unofficial tool if you want to play Stoneshard on Mac. The guide below will teach you about them.

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