how to play submachine legacy on mac

How to play Submachine: Legacy on Mac

Submachine: Legacy is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Mateusz Skutnik, an independent game developer from Poland. In the game, you will explore an abandoned underwater complex. Rusted, eerie, and desolate, it does not function as it once was; often, repairs will be needed. You will have to restore the complex to life, simply to move forward, but also to understand the intent behind the place. What drove its creators to construct such a vast structure? What was done here? Why? Some people who worked here have helpfully left notes; other times, the situation will not be so convenient. Combining the hand-written clues with your own deductive skills will allow you to reveal the mystery of this long-forgotten place. As expected from an indie developer, Submachine: Legacy is available on Windows only; it does not have a Mac version. Despite this, there’s still a way for you to embark on this thoughtful adventure. Several third-party tools can be used to play Submachine: Legacy on Mac. Keep reading to learn what these tools are and how to use them.

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