play the gunk on mac

How to play The Gunk on Mac

The Gunk by Image & Form is third-person, narrative-focused video game. The game tells us a story about a pair of space explorers, Rani and Beck. The duo arrives at a mysterious planet that is being slowly taken over by a strange substance called the Gunk, and decides to investigate. By fighting against the corrupted monsters, exploring the planet, and analyzing the enviroment, the players will uncover the secrets of an alien civilization that resided on this planet in the past. Doing so will take around four to six hours, and while some might feel that this makes the game too short, there’s also another point to consider. There’s value in a story that doesn’t draw itself out and knows when to end, in a game that doesn’t gate any progress beyond grindy quests. The Gunk may be a short title, but it is also dense.
The game also deserves praise for its graphics and enviroments. The game world masterfully transitions between vibrant and eerie, as lush forests give way to infested, gooey fields filled with the Gunk. The mysterious and ancient ruins dot the landscape, creating a sense of mystery and wonder.
The Gunk is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. While some of the previous games by this developer received a Mac port, The Gunk didn’t – presumably due to an exclusivity deal they’ve signed with Microsoft. Nonetheless, you can play The Gunk on Mac – there are several ways to do so, listed in the guide below.

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