play the medium on mac

How to play The Medium on Mac

The Medium is a video game in the genre of psychological horror made by Bloober Team, a Polish gamedev studio. Appropriately, the game is set in Poland as well, several years after the fall of the Soviet Union. The story revolves around Marianne, a woman with a mysterious ability – she can enter and leave the Spirit Realm at will. She is contacted by someone named Thomas, who knows a lot more about Marianne than he should – he knows not only about her powers, but also about her dreams. He offers to explain the situation to Marianne, but only if she meets him. Intrigued, Marianne agrees.
The gameplay of The Medium, meanwhile, is focused on two things: puzzle-solving and combat. Naturally, these take full advantage of the premise – switching back and forth between the Spirit World and the Earth is required to solve many puzzles, and sometimes you’d even have to inhabit both simultaneously. What’s more, certain places can only be explored in the Spirit World. Of course, the combat, too, is all about harnessing spiritual energy to create both shields and blasts.
The Medium is certainly an impressive and highly acclaimed game, but it doesn’t matter how good a game is if you can’t play it. The Medium is available on Windows, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, but it cannot be played on Mac natively. However, with this guide, you will be able to play The Medium on Mac even though it is not officially supported.

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