how to play the redress of mira on mac

How to play The Redress of Mira on Mac

The Redress of Mira is a linear adventure game developed by Tonguç Bodur. The main focus of the game is to provide an atmospheric and immersive experience. That said, the gameplay was not neglected either: the game includes puzzle, platforming, and combat sections.
The story of the game is focused on Mira, an elf whose clan has been devastated in a recent attack. It is told through books scattered around the world. Some of these books tell the story from Mira’s own perspective, while others are focused on the mercenary who carried out the attack, and the ruthless baron who has ordered it. By not telling the story directly to the players, The Redress of Mira encourages them to wander around and admire the scenery, and there’s certainly plenty to admire.
The environments in this game are absolutely gorgeous. The mountainous landscapes are already quite scenic on its own, but it is the occasional man-made structure that truly makes them shine. These medieval-style mills, villages, and castles certainly enhance the “traditional fantasy” experience this game was going for.
The Redress of Mira was released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. But you can play The Redress of Mira on Mac as well. Read the guide below to learn about your options.

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