how to play the riftbreaker on mac

How to play The Riftbreaker on Mac

The Riftbreaker is a survival-oriented basebuilding game developed by EXOR Studios. The premise of the game is simple. Humanity has developed teleportation technology, which allowed us to colonize distant planets, far away from our solar system. However, this technology has its limits. Although it is possible to teleport things anywhere, they cannot be teleported back; without a rift device on the other side, it’s a one-way trip.
This is where riftbreakers come in. They are highly capable individuals who go through these one-way portals and establish all infrastructure necessary to travel back. One such riftbreaker, Ashley S. Nowak, is our protagonist. Armed with a Mecha suit, she is more than capable of withstanding anything alien planets can throw at her.
Over the course of the game, Ashley will travel to Galatea 37, a planet rich in many resources but teeming with hostile fauna. She will establish resource-harvesting outposts, power generators, and defensive structures. Eventually, the base will become large enough to build the rift-generating machine, and supply it with the massive amount of power it requires.
The Riftbreaker is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. But you can play The Riftbreaker on Mac too; the guide below will teach you several ways to do this.

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