how to play the troop on mac

How to play The Troop on Mac

The Troop is a turn-based tactical game developed by Giant Flame and published by PLA Studios. Set during World War II, it specifically focuses on the Western front. The story begins with the landing operation in Normandy, and follows the historical battles that have occurred in the area. You will have the opportunity to play as both Allied and German militaries, controlling troops, tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery guns, and many other types of hardware. In addition to the story mode, The Troop also features the skirmish mode, which allows the players to have fully customizable battles. There’s also the campaign mode; it is similar to the story mode but focuses on specific units instead of providing broad historical narrative. This game is available only on Windows computers, but there are several unofficial ways to play it on Mac. So, how do you play The Troop on Mac? You’ll have to read the guide below to find out.

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