how to play tower of fantasy on mac

How to play Tower of Fantasy on Mac

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-style RPG with multiplayer elements. Developed by Chinese company Hotta Studio, it takes heavy inspiration from Genshin Impact, though they are hardly identical.
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, though you would hardly notice it from a glance. You will not find dull landscapes full of deserts and ruins here. The world of Tower of Fantasy is varied and vibrant, featuring several different biomes. And while many derelict buildings are indeed scattered all over the map, their design – both exterior and interior – makes exploring them anything but repetitive.
This vast open world can be explored on foot or via a jetpack, which you unlock very early in the game. It will not grant you the power of unlimited flight, however; rather, it gently cancels most of the gravity, allowing your character to glide and hover. Naturally for a world with such a grim past, you will encounter plenty of enemies, and dispatch them through melee or ranged combat, utilizing features such as charged attacks, aerial assaults, and unique weapon skills.
Officially, this game is available on Windows, iOS, and Android, but it’s possible to play Tower of Fantasy on Mac as well. There are many different ways to accomplish this, as explained in the guide below.

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