how to play urban trial tricky on mac

How to play Urban Trial Tricky on Mac

Urban Trial Tricky is a casual motorbike game developed by Tate Multimedia. Just like the name suggests, the main focus of the game is to allow the player to pull off fun, crazy, and dangerous tricks on their simulated bike. Other game modes include racing and even platforming. Performing one trick right after another after another allows you to build up combos, increasing your overall score. Don’t worry about it too much if you playing casually, but remember: the leaderboards are there, and your name could be on them. But even if you don’t want to get competitive, the game has plenty to offer. With thirty different maps and plenty of challenges to complete, Urban Trial Tricky will be able to hold your interest for a while. Perhaps forever, even; even after all races are complete and all customization options are unlocked, you might still want to come back to the game once in a while. Just to unwind, have some fun, and feel cool as you pull off some mindblowing stuff. This light-hearted game can be enjoyed on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Unofficially, there are also some ways to play Urban Trial Tricky on Mac. Read the article below to learn about them.

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