how to play vegas infinite on mac

How to play Vegas Infinite on Mac

Vegas Infinite by PokerStars, also known simply as Vegas Infinite, is a gambling simulation game developed by Lucky VR Incorporated. The game is a virtual casino, where you can play blackjack and poker, bet on roulette and craps, and test your chances at slots. Since this is a multiplayer game, all other visitors are also real people; this creates a social atmosphere of a real-life casino without the need to visit one. Vegas Infinite provides a variety of casino environments, ranging from realistic ones like the rooftop garden, to fictional ones like the space station. It is meant to be experienced in VR, to let you fully immerse yourself in this luxuriant lifestyle. However, VR headset is not required; you can play the game on a regular monitor if you so choose. Regrettably, Vegas Infinite is a Windows-exclusive game, and doesn’t offer any official way to play on other platforms. But there are several unofficial workarounds. Read our guide to learn how you can play Vegas Infinite on Mac.

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