how to play vigil the longest night on mac

How to play Vigil: The Longest Night on Mac

Vigil: The Longest Night is a 2D platformer game developed by Glass Heart Games and published by Neon Doctrine. Developers of Vigil were strongly inspired by Salt and Sanctuary, which, in turn, takes inspiration from Dark Souls. And frankly? It shows.
The world of this game is a hostile place filled with many grotesque creatures and foreboding places. An evil taint spreads throughout the land, devastating all settlements in its way. Our protagonist, Leila, is out to stop this corruption, to spare her town from this fate. This journey will not be easy, and will demand both effort and skill from the player. Still, do not expect this game to be punishingly hard; the focus of Vigil is exploration, not combat. And if beautiful sights are not enough to encourage you to explore, the developers have also scattered many unique items all around the world, in a true Metroidvania fashion. These items, along with four different types of weapons and an intricate skill tree, provide plenty of build variety.
This game can be played on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. It is also possible to play Vigil: The Longest Night on Mac; however, unofficial solutions are required. For an overview of these, read the guide below.

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