how to play vintage story on mac

How to play Vintage Story on Mac

Vintage Story is a survival game developed by Anego Studios. The game is both sandbox and open-world in nature; there is no story or forced objectives. The world you’ll be surviving in does have a complex background, but you’ll be able to piece it all together at your own pace, or ignore it completely if you so choose. Similarly, even though the game doesn’t force you to advance in any particular way, there are plenty of goals to pursue, such as the development of metalworking and automation. Getting stuff done will be pretty hard, though, as Vintage Story can be pretty unforgiving at times. By having realistic survival mechanics (for example, you’ll have to keep track of your body temperature), as well as paranormal threats, the game ensures that even staying alive is a challenge. The game advertises itself as “fully playable on Windows and Linux”, but Mac is not an officially available option. To play Vintage Story on Mac, a third-party tool is required; read the guide below to learn more.

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