how to play wander hero on mac

How to play Wander Hero on Mac

Wander Hero is a roguelite deckbuilder game in anime style. You play in a procedurally generated world with several hand-crafted locations; there’s no defined goal, leaving you free to explore on your own pace. You may choose to engage in trading, mining, and other side activities, though the main part of the game is obviously fighting. The combat system in Wander Hero is rather curious: heroes and mercenaries you recruit are represented as marble balls. The goal is to launch them at enemies and get as many ricochets as possible. There are three types of cards in this game, mercenaries, heroes, and skill cards. Mercenaries stay on the battlefield after being launched, and fight until they die. Heroes are more powerful, but disappear after one round. And skill cards are fairly self-explanatory. All in all, Wander Hero is a fairly unusual game that may be worth trying. Like many other indie titles, it is available only on Microsoft Windows, but there’s a way around that. There are several unofficial ways to play Wander Hero on Mac; read the guide below to learn everything about them.

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