how to play wandering sword on mac

How to play Wandering Sword on Mac

Wandering Sword is a roleplaying game set in Ancient China. It follows the journey of Yuwen Yi, a young martial artist caught in a conflict between powerful criminal organizations. Realizing that he has no choice but to improve his skills, he sets out to become the greatest fighter one can ever be. Over the course of his journey, he will visit five different regions, each featuring unique landscapes and architecture. He will meet fourteen other martial artists; by doing quests and bringing them gifts, Yi may be able to recruit them into his party. He will participate in many battles, which can be experienced in real-time or by taking turns. Overall, Wandering Sword is an amazing game, with high-quality graphics, engaging story, and complex gameplay mechanics; however, it is not natively available on Mac. Despite this, you can still enjoy this Wuxia masterpiece. Even though it is not compatible with Apple computers, it is possible to play Wandering Sword on Mac by using certain third-party tools. Keep reading to learn more.

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