how to play war robots on mac

How to play War Robots on Mac

War Robots is a mobile game in MOBA genre created by Pixonic. The game is also known as Walking War Robots, as well as War Robots Multiplayer Battles.
It is a third-person shooter, and, true to its name, has only multiplayer available. The main mode of the game is team-based 6v6 PvP – it receives the most focus, and the game is balanced around it. It is not the only mode, however – the players can also engage in Free For All and Arena fights.
War Robots features several dozens of playable robots. They have different abilities, but generally fall into one of the few combat roles, such as damage dealer or support. Typical for the MOBA genre, however, robots can equip items – weapons and modules – that change the way they play, sometimes even changing its combat role entirely.
More than 50 different weapons are available (energy weapons, missiles, shotguns, etc). Combine this with aforementioned dozens of robots, and you’ll see that it’s quite a lot of variety. Even more so when you consider that this game has 12 different maps to play on.
War Robots is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and even on some obscure platforms like Windows Phone and Amazon’s FireOS. Not on macOS though – but it’s still possible to play War Robots on Mac by following the guide below.

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