how to play wizard with a gun on mac

How to play Wizard with a Gun on Mac

Wizard with a Gun is a sandbox roguelite game for one or two players. It was developed by Galvanic Games, a small game studio based in Seattle, United States. Playing as the eponymous wizard, you will travel across time and space, getting into fights and collecting rare materials. Each time you enter a parallel dimension (read: a procedurally-generated level), you will have several minutes to explore, gather crafting components, hunt down creatures, and so on. Once the time is up, your intrusion will be noticed; endless waves of powerful enemies will begin to swarm you. Though you may choose to fight them, you will eventually be forced to retreat to the safety of your home dimension. There, you will be able to use the materials you gathered to improve your gear and magical abilities. And once you’ve done that, it’s time to venture out once again. Though Wizard with a Gun is quite a fun little game, it doesn’t have a Mac version. However, there are ways to sidestep this issue. Certain third-party tools can be used to play Wizard with a Gun on Mac; read the guide below to learn more about them.

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