how to play world of final fantasy on mac

How to play World of Final Fantasy on Mac

World of Final Fantasy is a creature-collecting game in the Final Fantasy franchise. The game is obviously inspired by Pokémon – the players can capture creatures called Mirages – they are also the basis of WoFF’s combat system. They can also be evolved, “transfigured” into different forms, and used as mounts or as a way to get past obstacles. Although this “strongly inspired” approach to gameplay is not exactly creative, the game is by no means a cheap Pokémon clone, and it has several mechanics from mainline Final Fantasy games as well.
Although this premise might make you think that this game would feature a lighthearted, nonsensical story for kids, do not be fooled. The story begins as siblings Lann and Reynn discover that they have been memory-wiped, forcing them to forget their past. To recover their memories, they must travel to the world of Grymoire – where their journey truly begins. Telling more would be spoilers – but, as the game’s co-writer and co-director, Hiroki Chiba, is known for making dark games, do not expect it to turn into sunshine and rainbows at any point.
Originally released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, WoFF has since been ported to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. At no point did the game receive a Mac port – but with this guide, you will be able to play World of Final Fantasy on Mac anyway.

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