how to play xenonauts 2 on mac

How to play Xenonauts 2 on Mac

Xenonauts 2 is a tactical roleplaying game developed by Goldhawk Interactive. Set in the alternative universe where the Cold War never ended, while UFO sightings are becoming more common by the day. Eventually, the aliens get tired of abducting cows and launch their invasion force; you will have to coordinate the forces of humanity to resist. To do so, you must construct modular bases, perform research, intercept alien UFOs, and, of course, engage the extraterrestrial menace in combat. Many of you will notice that this game sounds awfully similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. But in truth, Xenonauts 2 seeks to imitate the original X-COM games from the nineties. It is more complex than modern XCOM games – you will have to manage many small details like your soldiers’ ammunition – but those dedicated enough to understand the mechanics will find them fun and very satisfying. Currently, this game is available only on Microsoft Windows (though this may change once it leaves Early Access). But for now, a third-party tool is needed to play Xenonauts 2 on Mac. Learn more by reading our guide.

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