how to play just cause 4 on mac

How to play Just Cause 4 on Mac

Just Cause 4 is a third-person shooter created by Avalanche Studios. All games in Just Cause series – including this one – feature a secret agent named Rico Rodriguez as the protagonist. In each installment, he is dispatched to a different fictional country and is given an appropriate task: overthrowing a dictatorship, dealing with various criminal gangs, or, in this case, investigating a suspiciously powerful private military company. The main part of gameplay is, obviously, combat. Utilizing a variety of weapons – including several fantastical ones like the Lighting Gun – Rico will have to participate in many fights against PMC Black Hand and their allies. But there are many other mechanics as well; driving and piloting is especially prominent. You will be able to use several types of vehicles to traverse the expansive open world of this game. There’s a variety of cars, of course, but you can also pilot jets, helicopters, and use a personal wingsuit. Just Cause 4 released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. As you can see, it doesn’t have an official Mac version. Despite this, you can still play Just Cause 4 on Mac – there are several unofficial ways to accomplish this task. Learn all about them by reading the article below.

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