how to play #killallzombies on mac

How to play #KILLALLZOMBIES on Mac

#KILLALLZOMBIES is a top-down shooter focused, to no one’s surprise, on eradicating zombies. It was developed and published by Beatshapers, a Ukrainian game development studio. The game’s premise is extremely straightforward; you are an unwilling participant in a grisly reality show, where hapless civilians are forced to fight hordes of zombies in a hexagonal arena. To ensure that you do not die immediately, you will be given access to a variety of weapons, and the ability to enhance yourself during gameplay by selecting “perks”. The show’s audience, meanwhile, can make things harder for you by spawning special zombies and creating obstacles. A “reality show” premise is fairly commonly used to justify improbable scenarios, but in this case, it is more than just that. The game’s in-built Twitch integration means that the premise, in a way, is true. When you stream the game on Twitch, “the audience that makes things harder for you” is not an abstract concept – it’s a real audience that can, indeed, inconvenience you through vote. #KILLALLZOMBIES is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch; Windows PC. As you can see, Mac is not supported, but it’s still possible to play #KILLALLZOMBIES on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

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