how to play land of the vikings on mac

How to play Land of the Vikings on Mac

Land of the Vikings is a colony simulator game developed by Laps Games and published by Iceberg Interactive. As the name suggests, it is inspired by early Nordic lifestyles; raiding and dealing with harsh weather are a big part of this game. These aspects are very well fleshed-out: the game features an engaging combat system and a variety of weather conditions. Of course, Land of the Vikings is still a city-builder at heart, so resource management remains a priority. You will have to gather several types of resources, such as wood and ore. You will also have to grow and hunt for food, and stockpile it for the winter season. Managing people is another important mechanic. Each villager has their own set of skills, and it’s important to assign them to jobs they’d be good at. And, although it’s not necessary for progression, you can also decorate your settlement to make it look better. Land of the Vikings is officially available only on Windows PC, but don’t let this knowledge stop you. With the right set of software, you can play Land of the Vikings on Mac too; read our guide to see what you should do.

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