how to play last epoch on mac

How to play Last Epoch on Mac

Last Epoch is an Action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games. It was inspired by games such as Diablo and Path of Exile, and offers a similar gameplay loop. This is far from a clone though; many game mechanics are given a unique spin. Last Epoch features five different classes: Mage, Sentinel, Primalist, Rogue, and Acolyte. Each of these classes have three subclasses; this, combined with a vast amount of equipment, allows the game to offer a diverse array of builds and playstyles. What’s more, each class can use every type of weapon. Though it may not always be a good choice, it creates some rather unique strategies. The game’s story is pretty enjoyable as well. The world of Eterra is doomed; time travel allowed its denizens to determine that in the future, the whole world will be consumed by the Void. Yet, perhaps this ability can be used to escape this grim fate, too. You will travel to both Eterra’s past and its future, trying to find a sequence of events that does not result in doom and destruction. Last Epoch is available only on Windows and SteamOS/Linux. Although a Mac version was originally planned, the developers scrapped the idea. Despite this, it is possible to play Last Epoch on Mac. Read the article below for more information.

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