install linux apps on chromebook

How to install Linux apps on Chromebook

Chromebooks were originally meant to be web devices, intended only to browse websites and run web-based applications. Since then, however, Google expanded the capabilities of their laptops quite significantly. In 2016, they gained the ability to run Android apps – which helped them become more than just a budget option for those that can’t afford anything better. In 2019, most Chromebooks also gained the ability to run Linux software, and though that didn’t really make the news the same way Android app support did, using Linux software on Chromebook can expand the device’s capabilities quite a lot. There are plenty of powerful tools on Linux that have value for any user, such as GIMP, an image editor, or OpenOffice, an office suite. In addition to that, Linux apps generally have a very desktop-friendly interface – a welcome departure from using all these Android apps that look and feel out of place on a laptop. You can even install Steam – though not many games will run well or even install. Here are the steps to install Linux apps on Chromebook. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated.

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