how to play marauders on mac

How to play Marauders on Mac

Developed by Small Impact Games, Marauders is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter set in a 1990s alternate universe. After industrializing Earth to its last limits during the never-ending World War I, many were left no choice but to flee their planet and find a new home for living around the stars. In this game, you will have to try on a helmet of a space pirate to try and survive in space on your own space shuttle. Get ready to organize raids across the whole space to scavenge valuable loot and upgrade the gear before every new sally. Do so alone or in a team of up to 3 players. Keep your head on a swivel to combat severely volatile combats with other space travelers and build a brand-new spacecraft to continue your journey across the whole space. Submerge into a sci-fi world full of immense galactic battles where the chance for survival depends on you and your teammates. Marauders is currently available only on Windows, however, you can still play it on Mac using instructions from our article below. Cloud gaming services or Virtualization programs will do this magic!

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