how to play mechabellum on mac

How to play Mechabellum on Mac

Mechabellum is a sci-fi strategy game developed by Game River and published by Paradox Arc. It takes place on a creatively-named planet of Far-Away; though deserted and barely capable of sustaining life, it has attracted interest of many groups thanks to its vast resources. Now it is a battlefield, with many robotic armies constantly clashing in combat. You are a commander of one such army; though you do not control them directly, your decisions will have a profound impact on their fights. You get to choose which units to recruit, which abilities they should use, and where they should be positioned. These seemingly simple choices offer plenty of tactical depth: after all, you must consider the choices your enemies might make and figure out how to counter them. While playing against AI is an option, the real meat of this game is the PvP mode. Currently, the developers of Mechabellum support only one platform, Windows PC. But, despite the lack of official support, you can also play Mechabellum on Mac. The article below will explain how to do it.

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