how to play operation harsh doorstop on mac

How to play Operation: Harsh Doorstop on Mac

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a sandbox shooter developed by Drakeling Labs. Notably, the game is entirely free, as its development is funded through donations. Unlike many “free” games out there, it doesn’t feature microtransactions, either. Operation: Harsh Doorstop intends to be a heavily moddable multiplayer sandbox similar to Garry’s Mod, but with more focus on guns, enemies, and shooting. So it’s not precisely a game, but rather a platform to create and host custom shooting‑based experiences. You can have servers that are nothing like each other even though they host the same game mode, because they use a different collection of mods. Operation: Harsh Doorstop supports all kinds of game modes. Some examples include an alien invasion mode called “Troopers”, in which players have to defend themselves against alien bugs, a “Casual Warfare” mode that seeks to replicate Call of Duty experience, and a zombie survival mode. They can be developed by anyone, so it’s likely that more will be available in the future. It is important to note that this game doesn’t support OS X. But what if you wanted to play Operation: Harsh Doorstop on Mac anyway? Believe it or not, it’s possible. The guide below will explain the details.

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