how to play othercide on mac

How to play Othercide on Mac

Othercide is a turn-based tactical game developed by Lightbulb Crew. It features a very distinct art style; the entire game is done in black and white, with an occasional streak of red. It serves well to underscore the game’s equally sombre narrative.
Humanity is plagued by an army of monsters known simply as the Suffering. These creatures of terror are almost unstoppable; even the Daughters, the greatest warriors mankind has to offer, struggle to oppose them. And yet, that is your task. To even stand a chance, you will have to use everything that is available to you. Learn unit abilities and choose the right ones for your troops. Understand your enemies, and how to properly counter them. Master the Dynamic Timeline System, central to the game’s combat. Carefully position your Daughters, and be prepared to sacrifice some of them.
Othercide will, no doubt, feel punishingly difficult at first, and will continue to be brutal and challenging even as you get better at the game. But its challenges are surmountable; even bosses, that you will have to confront from time to time, can be beaten with proper preparations and strategy.
The game released on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. There’s no official way to play Othercide on Mac, but there are several unofficial ones. Read below to learn more.

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