how to play party animals on mac

How to play Party Animals on Mac

Party Animals is a multiplayer party game that allows you to compete with your friends in a variety of ways. The core aesthetic of the game is reflected in its title; all players are made to look like animals. Cat, dog, rabbit, and even dinosaur skins are available, among many others. There are many different maps in this game, but all of them can be separated into two different groups. Fighting maps require you to eliminate other players until only one player or team remains. Score-based maps, meanwhile, require the players to perform a certain task better than the others. Every single map features a physics-based challenge. In score-based maps, this challenge is typically a part of the task that you need to perform, while in fighting maps, it’s usually an environmental effect that complicates combat. Curiously, there is no local multiplayer option; you can play this game either online or with AI bots. Officially, Party Animals supports only Windows PC and Xbox consoles. But you can also play Party Animals on Mac by using certain third-party tools. Read the guide below to learn more.

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