how to play planet of lana on mac

How to play Planet of Lana on Mac

Planet of Lana is a puzzle-platformer game developed by Wishfully. The main selling point of the game is its emotional story. A young girl named Lana lands on an alien planet, inhabited both by wildlife and hostile machinery. Despite this unwelcoming environment, Lana cannot afford to retreat; she is on a quest to rescue her abducted sister. She is accompanied by an intelligent cat-like animal called Mui, who will help Lana move around and solve certain puzzles. But neither Lana nor Mui are capable of combat; the player is expected to sneak by the enemies, or devise routes that bypass them. Though Planet of Lana is not a particularly long game, it is a very beautiful one. All artwork in the game have been painted by hand, resulting in a vibrant, visually rich 2.5D art style. Officially, Planet of Lana can be played only on Windows computers and Xbox game consoles. No other platforms are supported. However, you can also play Planet of Lana on Mac; there are several third-party apps developed for this purpose. Keep reading to learn more.

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