how to run plant simulation on mac

How to run Plant Simulation on Mac

Plant Simulation, also known by its full name Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is a product lifecycle management software developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software. It is a versatile, industry-agnostic application. As a result, it is used by all kinds of business customers: from service providers to factories, logistics companies, and airports. The software allows its users to run in-depth simulations of their production chains, accounting for many factors such as irregular shipments and machine failure. These simulations are useful for many reasons; they allow businesses to optimize their production, increasing performance and/or decreasing costs. Although the experts can learn a lot from the simulations alone, Plant Simulation offers many analytical tools to simplify and partially automate this work. To give an example, the software is capable of finding bottlenecks in production, utilizing the Bottleneck Analyzer tool. Alongside these specialized tools, Plant Simulation also offers optimization tools that are more broad in scope: genetic algorithms, neural networks, and regression analysis. The software is developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, it is also possible to run Plant Simulation on Mac. Several different third-party tools can be used for this purpose; read the article below for the overview.

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