how to play against the storm on mac

How to play Against the Storm on Mac

Against the Storm is a fantasy-themed city builder game developed by Eremite Games, a five-person indie studio based in Poland. Unlike most city builders, Against the Storm is also a roguelite game. As such, you have a time limit for developing each settlement, but the progress you’ve made will carry over to your next playthrough. Though it may seem overly harsh at first, the limit is actually quite forgiving; furthermore, you can extend it by completing certain missions. So if you’re able to keep up with mission demands, you’ll be able to keep developing one city for a very long time, if you so choose. But there are plenty of reasons to start anew, too. The game’s meta-progression system will allow you to unlock new gameplay mechanics, as well as simpler upgrades to production facilities. Meanwhile, a large variety of gameplay modifiers ensure that each of your cities will have to be developed in its own unique way; this way, the experience stays fun and fresh. Though it is a Windows-only game, there are also several ways to play Against the Storm on Mac. You will have to use a third-party tool to do this; learn about your options from the guide below.

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