play apex legends mobile on pc or mac

How to play Apex Legends Mobile on PC or Mac

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. As the name suggests, it is a mobile version of Apex Legends, with largely the same gameplay and style. It is still an intense, fast-paced shooter where players are grouped into three-person teams. The characters still have distinct abilities, the teams still have to battle each other until there’s only one team left. Apex Legends Mobile didn’t get its name by being an entirely different game.
Yet, Apex Legends Mobile is not just a port that keeps everything as close to the original as possible. There are still significant differences, made to make the game better suited for mobile audiences. For one, the game will not feature the full roster of characters available to Apex Legends players. Another change is that Apex Legends Mobile is a third-person game, while the PC version is played in first-person. The maps and the characters’ abilities have been altered as well – though not in major ways.
Overall, this makes for a rather different, though still similar game. Even if you’ve played Apex Legends in the past, you might still want to check out the mobile version. Maybe you’ll find that it better suits your tastes, or maybe you’ll just find it to be a refreshingly different way to play the game. But, of course, the mobile version is only available on smartphones. That doesn’t mean you can’t play Apex Legends Mobile on PC, though – the guide below will help you with that.

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