how to play arknights on pc or mac

How to play Arknights on PC or Mac

Arknights is a mobile tower defense game developed by Hypergryph, a Chinese game company. The “towers” you place down in this game are actually characters; you can obtain more of them using gacha mechanics. Just like in any tower defense game, the goal is to stop enemies from reaching your base. To accomplish this goal, you are given two types of characters: ranged and melee. Ranged characters function more-or-less like traditional towers; they are placed on elevated ground where enemies cannot reach. Melee characters, meanwhile, directly block the enemies’ path; although this is powerful, they also take far more damage. As a result, melee characters should be paired with ranged support characters to be effective. The story of Arknights revolves around a mineral called originium. This wondrous substance allows humans to use magic, however, prolonged contact with the material is always fatal. The Rhodes Island organization seeks to cure those poisoned by originium, however, as many world governments despise this dangerous substance, they will face armed resistance. Quite unfortunately, Arknights is available only on iOS and Android. But several unofficial tools can be used to play Arknights on PC too, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

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