How to play Arma 3 on Mac

A long, long time ago, in 2013, Bohemia Interactive gifted us Arma 3 on Microsoft Windows. Sometime later, in 2015, versions for macOS and Linux were released. Arma 3 is an open-world strategic military shooter played by numerous active players even to this day. The gameplay is very realistic because Bohemia also made sims for the real-life military to train, so they knew what they were doing. There are tons of content, DLCs, and an endless amount of mods made by the dedicated community. Thanks to the easy built-in modding system supported by the developers, any person can create their unique content. In general, Arma 3 is more multiplayer than singleplayer, but guess what, there are great solo mission mods. Resting at the top 50 by the count of active players, it won’t be a problem to play with people online. The only bad news for macOS owners is that Bohemia Interactive stopped updating and supporting the macOS Arma 3 on version 1.82, while the game still receives updates on other platforms (version 2.06). You can play the old version with your friends, of course, but it seems that the performance on macOS is much worse than, for example, on Microsoft Windows. So we offer you some ways to play the latest version of Arma 3 on your macOS. It’s pretty simple. You only have to follow our guide.

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