How to play Battlefield on Mac OS

Battlefield is an iconic first-person shooter gaming project, which has extended its presence since 2002. The range of series counts a number of chapters published by Electronic Arts. Their latest Battlefield V release continues the franchise with new portions of the action. As usual, Battlefield is mostly set up in the multiplayer world. Players are out to set up the squads of teammates to fight through the others on a common field. Since Battlefield 2, developers have presented an online stats system allowing users to rank up, receive awards, and find new weapons to fight with. The game also presents a class system, which features unique equipment and roles for each of the classes chosen by players. Unfortunately, the biggest part of the Battlefield series has been available only for Windows. New hits like Battlefield V are Windows and Console-centred, which restricts Mac users from experiencing the game. Despite this, enthusiastic people have found a way to thrill graphical capacity along with exciting gameplay of Battlefield and many other games on Mac as well. Below, we will show you all the necessary steps to do it.

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