how to play black skylands on mac

How to play Black Skylands on Mac

Black Skylands is an open-world sandbox game that allows you to become the captain of your own airship. Choose your preferred model and embark on a sky adventure. The main attraction of the game is ship-to-ship combat, which plays as a top-down shooter. However, it does have a story as well – even though it’s mainly there to give the player a reason to engage in combat. While nothing particularly special from a writing perspective, the story will have you face several challenging bosses; some of them even have bullet hell mechanics. There are several side activities you can engage in as well. Defending floating islands from enemy attacks will allow you to build factories there, which are necessary to perform ship upgrades. After completing the main story, you will also unlock extra-difficult raid missions which will act as a true test of your skill. This game is available on several platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Windows PC. However, there is no Mac version available. But it’s still possible to play Black Skylands on Mac; read our guide to learn how.

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